Hyper Cutter
Generation III Prevents Attack reduction
Generation IV Prevents the Attack stat from being lowered

Hyper Cutter (Japanese: かいりきバサミ Scissors of Great Power) is an ability introduced in Generation III.

Effects Edit

In-Battle Effects Edit

Hyper Cutter prevents all effects of Attack stat-reducing attacks and abilities.

Out of Battling Effects Edit

There are no effects outside of battle.

Pokémon Edit

Solitary Edit

No Pokémon has Hyper Cutter as their only ability.

Paired Edit

# Icon Species Type Other
098 098Icon Krabby Water Shell Armor
099 099Icon Kingler Water Shell Armor
127 127Icon Pinsir Bug Mold Breaker
207 -- Gligar Ground
Sand Veil
303 -- Mawile Steel Intimidate
328 -- Trapinch Ground Arena Trap
341 -- Corphish Water Shell Armor
342 -- Crawdaunt Water
Shell Armor
472 -- Gliscor Ground
Sand Veil

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