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Welcome to PokéManga/Pokémon Wikia, your one-stop shop for PokéInfo! I hope you enjoy your stay, and I certainly hope you decide to create some articles!
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Ivysaur (Fushigisou)

Fushigisou are reptilian-like creatures with blueish-green skin. On their skin, there are randomly placed darker green dots. The bulb on their back from when they were a Fushigidane has grown into a budding, pink flower surrounded by palm tree-like leaves. Their fangs are shown clearer and their eyes are now purple. They can occasionally be seen on their hind legs due to their bulb being heavy enough to even out its top weight. . . .

Did You Know. . .
  • . . . that Fushigisou's Blue sprite is the only sprite of Fushigisou that shows its ability to stand on its hind legs?
  • . . . Mew's Japanese name was originally spelled ミュー instead of ミュウ?
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